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May I call you Wizard Cari? Great Job!
I really do love your site and analysis. Your guidance and kindness is Excellent!!
"DRS" - Trading Room2017-03-09
Interesting! Wow, I wonder if you put a few super computers at work to looking at these data and analyzing patterns, what you could potentially do!
I'm a new member after personally speaking with Cari for an extended period of time at the Expo in NYC. Her insight into quantifying market sentiment for making timely trades is a game changer.
"Peter_F" - Trading Room2017-02-28
Great chart/analysis Cari!
Thank you for your research and analysis. From my viewpoint it seems a prodigious effort. And from the limited time I've been paying attention and learning what your analysis says, I'm impressed!
I was very skeptical about you at first, but I really love your analysis and look forward to your posts, they are fascinating. By the way, don't you ever sleep? HAHAHA
DrCari rocks- she is Always actively posting trades and giving hand holding guidance. "IF" your not subscribed to, I strongly encourage to do so- Thank you DrCari!! :)
thank you... I LOVE your work.. i am using it on the daily basis. IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Falco" - Trading Room2016-10-28
Thanks dr cari for your thoughts and hard work.
This is a truly fascinating system you have. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Very nice calls this week Dr C! Thank you!
Great work Doc! Love your stuff.
Love your data!
The MMI is a terrific tool for following trend.
Zooom/Glenn 2016-05-20
Ma'am, I tip my hat to your talented analysis of Socionomics.... Thank you so much.
Excellent writing and very interesting! Thanks for the perspective ... much appreciated!