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Hurricane Irma and the U.S.

I've made one more refinement to the U.S. weekly mapping methodology, and for one thing I'm less worried about "random" disasters, and have narrowed down what appears to reference Hurricane Irma.  The previous map, produced before Irma was a hurricane and with data from several weeks ago, showed a "disruptive" mood in Florida and one that could be associated with disasters near North Carolina.  While there may be such worries in those areas, this latest refinement shows a "solution" in between the two, and the mood is more of a focus on "nature" or a natural event, but not specifically on disruption or disasters. 

I don't know where exactly or if this storm will directly impact the U.S., but that now seems to be the primary U.S. focus of the week.   For the whole country to have the primary focus for the week to be on a natural event... that says a lot..

U.S. MoodMap Sept 3-10

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