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U.S. and Global Disasters: Sept. 7, 2017 MoodMap

While sometimes alarming to discover U.S. and global hotspots, this mapping technology is becoming more fascinating each day.  Before Irma was on anyone's worry list, we published concerns about a possible East Coast "disaster" and U.S. actions that the whole world may stop in its tracks over (Aug. 29 article).   We then further fine tuned our U.S. weekly mapping model to produce a map that is today in line with current Hurricane Irma expectations, but much further East of where anything else was looking at the time (Sept. 4 article).

The daily mood pattern for the next two days gave us a reason to further develop the U.S. model so we could produce daily maps when necessary.  The mood timeline for Thursday points to serious issues and a background of breaking news Thursday or Friday.  While that may well be pointing to Hurricane Irma, which currently dominates the news cycle, the pattern for Friday is often associated with completion, but can also point to a global event.  This by itself would not have been a concern, but because of the context from the mapping we have already done, it at least made us want to find out more.  While we are not able to produce daily global maps at this time, we can now look at the U.S. mood map for Thursday.  The map for September 7 is below followed by further analysis.  This makes the most sense if you are familiar with the other maps.  It was not possible to create a September 8 map.

This is what this map is highlighting:

1) An area of "Nature-disruption" where the worst after effects of Hurricane Harvey are.  That makes sense.

2) Focus on a "serious water issue" which happens to be where Hurricane Irma is.  That makes sense.  For reference, we have included the circle designated "nature focus" from the weekly map published on September 4.  That also happens to be where Hurricane Irma is currently projected to be heading.

3) Canada is showing as "serious."  This connects with the weekly WorldMood map which shows much of the world as serious.

4) A small artifact produced by the geographic analysis software marked "volatile" could be "pointing" to North Korea.  Interesting.  While we won't be publishing next week's map for a couple more days, it just so happens that the most significant region for next week's WorldMood map is North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

The next few days should be interesting, and may be the path to how that region likely becomes a very hot issue sometime next week.

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