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U.S. Troubled; World Afraid: WorldMood Sept 3-10, 2017

I like puzzles, but this one has really been bothering me... something important has been missing.  A significant U.S. centered event is still approaching.  

Hurricane Harvey has been a heart breaking tragedy, and it is not my intention to belittle the significance of that.  However, if you have been reading these Musings, according to the weekly WorldMood map, there's something that involves the U.S. East Coast that hasn't happened yet.  I've been scrambling to find a reasonable method to produce a weekly U.S. map.  I finally found what I was looking for.  

I don't usually show the "raw data" map, but in this case I need to.  It probably would not be believable otherwise.  Below is the map for August 27-Sept 3.  Using the dating method I was previously using, I would have dated it a week earlier.  However, unmistakably, Hurricane Harvey appears on this map, and that tells me that I had been a week off.  The Eastern half of the U.S. is also showing as "disruptive."  This would make sense with the looming gas supply issues on the East Coast (it would better be described as "disrupted").

U.S. MoodMap Aug. 27 - Sept 3, 2017

Then there's next week's U.S. MoodMap (below).  It shows Florida as "disruptive.".  Most often, this would accompany 1) Protests 2) Strikes or  3) Terrorist activity.  Because of the season, and where this is, it could also accompany tropical storm activity.  What appears to be the most significant region of the week is the U.S. East Coast.  There is an area centered on North Carolina, including portions of South Carolina and Virginia that is marked "destructive."  This often accompanies disasters, whether natural or man made.  It's interesting that Canada is marked as "serious," especially as that corroborates with the WorldMood map which follows.

U.S. MoodMap Sept 10-17, 2017

Now for the final piece-- the WorldMood map for the week (below). I had previously dated this map a week earlier, but have adjusted it due to the helpful information from the Hurricane Harvey map.  In this map, the U.S. is "explosive" and much of the rest of the world is in a serious mood.  While I can't say for sure what this all means, my guess would be that the U.S. is about to do something "explosive" which just about the entire world will be uncomfortable with.

WorldMood Sept 3-10, 2017

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