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Major U.S. Event Approaching?

The United States MoodMap for August included a large circle identified as "Disruptive" centered near New York City.  This disruptive mood pattern is often seen in association with protests and unrest.  Because of the location, it could also be associated with market disruption.  Another type of event which occurs with this mood configuration is increased terrorist activity.  This month has already seen violent protests, and instability in markets.  The Charlottesville violence and tragic death of one woman has thus far been a defining event of the month of August for the U.S..  It has been my assumption up until now that the various protests from Charlottesville to Boston as well as the slight downturn in the markets, were the events the map was pointing to.

In working on the latest WorldMood map, I was alarmed to see the exact same area in the U.S. highlighted.  Something extremely serious may yet be in store for the U.S. Northeast.  This region has shown as significant on a monthly scale for August, and is showing as significant on a global scale over the next week or so.  The latest WorldMood map is below.  I have only included the mood coding for the U.S.   Should there be an event associated with this, it would most likely be 1) Violent protests that are worse than Charlottesville, 2) Major market disruption, or 3) Significant terrorist activity.  This is not a prediction that these things will happen.  However, one or more of them are more likely to occur than not.

Serious U.S. Event? WorldMood Map August 27-Sept.3

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