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End of the World (again): WorldMood Sept 10-17, 2017

Yes, it's the end of the world again this week.  I don't know about you, but I'm feeling worn out from all of these never ending crises and disasters in the news.  So much tragedy, anxiety, and fear!  Last week, the WorldMood map was looking primarily for possibly destabilizing U.S. actions while the world watched with a somber disposition.  The Trump team began to plan more aggressive actions against North Korea.  Japan nodded in agreement to the idea of an embargo.  North Korea found this all provocative and Nikki Haley's words at the United Nations further exacerbated North Korea's ire. This past week sets the stage for the global issues in the week ahead (more on this later).

The United States' focus last week, was primarily on the approaching and arriving Hurricane Irma.  That affirms what the U.S. MoodMap from last week was looking at.  In the coming week, the U.S. focus domestically appears to be the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (see map below).  In a normal context (if normal still exists), what is labeled as "unstable" for Texas would be pointing to societal disruption, and bring concerns of riots or terrorist activity.  Since Texas is already disrupted, it's likely reflecting the current state of life for the many disrupted by Hurricane Harvey.  Idaho and Oregon are labeled "protective."  There has a lot of earthquake activity in that region, and people there may be a bit anxious.

The WorldMood map for the week ahead (below) is primarily focused on an "explosive" North Korea situation.  Ukraine is showing as "destructive."  I'm not sure what that might be about.  It could possibly be economic, or a deteriorating Russia-Ukraine situation.  The Philippines is highlighted as "disruptive."  This mood pattern most often goes with social unrest and sometimes with increased terrorist activity.

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