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Climax Events and Today's Solar Eclipse

Usually near the low of a negative mood and market swing there is some type of "climax event" -- often a major unpleasant news story.  Recently, we've seen a terrorist attack in Barcelona and the tragedy in Charlottsville.  It would be unfortunate for another, even larger event to take place.  However, on a societal level, one of the functions of these events seems to be the creation of a brief moment when many people are focused on a singular event.  While it often takes a tragedy to bring people together, today's eclipse is the sole focus for so many.  Wouldn't it be great if today's event WAS the climax event?  We will know by the end of this week.

As far as the stock market goes, the "effects" of today's event, if we look at it that way, will be seen on Thursday-Friday.  That would be a good time to be on the lookout for a change of trend.  If there was going to be news event apparently related to a stock market low, it would also likely be Thursday-Friday.